What I Eat In A Day To LOSE WEIGHT | How I Lost 60 Pounds!! 1 year ago

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You requested it so here it is, my first 'what I eat in a day' video!! This is generally the kind of food that I eat on a very "healthy" day. I don't eat the same thing everyday, this is just an example of some of my fav foods to eat. Even though I'm currently not losing weight, and just maintaining, I still eat the same foods as when I was because losing weight is a lifestyle change :)

I forgot to add this in the video, but please only use this as inspiration (as well as other youtubers 'what i eat' videos) we're more than likely different in height/metabolism/body fat so eating like this may not work for you.. plus this is only one day of my life, sometimes I eat waaay more, or way more unhealthy haha.

Leave any questions down below that you may have for an upcoming weight loss Q&A!! And let me know if you want to see another 'what I eat' video.

p.s. sorry for the lighting in the beginning.. it changes halfway through LOL

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